Tamron Hall, Tim Carney Squabble Over Romney And The Media

Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner took offense at Hall using “typical media tricks.” Hall cuts off Carney before he can go “meta-meta” and boots him off the show. posted on

Wait, @tamronhall" target="_blank">">@tamronhall cut off my mic? Seriously? RT @sandraDXB:" target="_blank">">@sandraDXB: @TPCarney" target="_blank">">@TPCarney's funny, cus, you were on mute.....yeah #tamron" target="_blank">">#tamron

So @tamronhall," target="_blank">">@tamronhall, trying to talk about Mitt Romney's 50-year-old bullying kicked me off her show for saying the topic doesn't matter.

RT @charliespiering:" target="_blank">">@charliespiering: Video of @tpcarney trying to defend himself over a muted mike" target="_blank">">

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