Newt Gingrich’s 13 Most Liberal Moments

Newt Gingrich often mentions balancing the budget, taking on welfare reform, and cutting taxes while Speaker. What Gingrich probably won’t mention is his previous support for urgent climate change legislation, proposing an individual mandate to solve the uninsured, or increasing the State Department by 50%.


Newt in 2005 on the individual mandate.


Newt Gingrich: “Increase the size up the State Department by 50%.”


Newt Gingrich “I’m a Theodore Roosevelt Republican.”


Newt Gingrich on climate change in 2007: “The evidence is sufficient that we should move towards the most effective possible steps to remove carbon loading in the atmosphere. Do it urgently.”


Newt Gingrich in 2003 on health care reform. “This may surprise you since I’m a conservative, I think government has to lead.”


Newt Gingrich on illegal immigration in 2004: “It time we were honest about people who come to America to work for a living. And it is time we quit kidding ourselves. We’re not gonna put machine guns on the border. We’re not gonna have minefields on the border. We’re not gonna block people from coming to America who believe in the Statue of Liberty and want to work. “


Newt Gingrich on health care reform and the individual mandate in 2008: To not have health insurance if you can afford it is “immoral.”


Newt Gingrich praising Bill Clinton.


Newt Gingrich comes from the “”Theodore Roosevelt La Follette Progressive tradition,” of reform.


Newt Gingrich supports unilateral Clinton bail out of Mexico in face of conservative criticism.


Newt Gingrich praises President Obama on health care spending in the Stimulus.

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