Mitt Romney Selfies Are A Deeply Sad Phenomenon That Won’t Go Away

“Guys. Guys. Just was at rite aid with mitt romney.”

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In case you missed it, yeah I met the man! @MittRomney

— Chadwin Smith (@Chadwin_s)
ID: 2670083

Just met Mitt Romney at work #nobigdeal

— Jackie Pringle (@jackie_pringle)
ID: 2670085

Apparently Mitt Romney was at the airport today, so I asked @IStoleTheWaffle to get a pic. She did not disappoint.

— Kathryn Lindsey (@kathryn_lindsey)
ID: 2670262

Watching @MittRomney sitting on the fourth row of the cathedral. Few people come to say hi to him. Very formal.

— Mar໚ Ramírez (@mariaramirezNY)
ID: 2670086

Just your average beach day

— Erin (@erinkrische)
ID: 2670229

Saw @MittRomney having lunch near @CentralParkNYC. What should I have said?

— Simran Jeet Singh (@SimranColumbia)
ID: 2670090

A friend of mine just posted this picture of Mitt Romney at our local CVS.

— Jason Woodmansee (@jasonwoodmansee)
ID: 2670093

So I got a selfie with Mitt Romney.

— Kyle Webb (@WebbKyle13)
ID: 2670096

Casual selfie with Mitt Romney at Wolfetrap Grille in NH!

— Kyleigh Duddy (@KyleighDuddy)
ID: 2670098

My moms selfie with Mitt Romney #worldclasstraveler

— Ellery Harris (@elleryharris)
ID: 2670100

Just took a selfie with Mitt Romney

— Ben (@bwerdegar)
ID: 2670101

Lol my uncle sat next to Mitt Romney on his flight and took a selfie

— Callyn (@callovin)
ID: 2670106

Dad just chilling with Mitt Romney in first class lol

— Fujisan™ (@SirTweetsA_LOT)
ID: 2670109


— Alexandra Schiavone (@a_schiav0ne)
ID: 2670111

Just met Mitt Romney picking up my dad from the airport. #nbd

— Paul Joubran (@MonsieurJoubran)
ID: 2670114

Shook hands and spoke with Mitt Romney at Salt Lake Airport. #veryapprochable #waitingalldaywiththerestofus

— Mary (@MaryRepole)
ID: 2670116

Just chatted w/Mitt Romney at Logan Airport in the security line, what a humble, friendly gentleman.

— Pamela Provo (@PamelaProvo)
ID: 2670120

sitting by mitt romney on ze plane

— Alexandra Schiavone (@a_schiav0ne)
ID: 2670123


— rachel (@cat_esophagus)
ID: 2670124

My parents are sitting next to Mitt Romney at LAX ✈️

— Laura Munro (@lauramunro6)
ID: 2670125

GEEKING out right now bc Mitt Romney is in front of us in line right now for ice cream. #reallife #America (w. @msw)

— Megan Elias (@RxElias)
ID: 2670159

Oh yea and I got a picture with Mitt Romney!! @MittRomney #HottyToddy #OleMiss

— Brannon Cresanto (@_BC4_)
ID: 2670245

Guys. Guys. Just was at rite aid with mitt romney

— TheJackal (@TheJackal42069)
ID: 2670258

Just having dinner with Mitt Romney. No biggie #mittromney #18thbirthday #whataretheodds #birthdaycake

— Allen Miranda (@thepenguinpablo)
ID: 2673570

Terrible picture but Mitt Romney was at church with us today⛪️

— brady (@b_smith0696)
ID: 2673577

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