A Timeline Of Barack Obama And Mitt Romney’s Positions On Guns

The White House suggested Sunday President Obama would not make a push for more gun control following Friday’s deadly shooting in Colorado. Here is every public position we could find Obama and Mitt Romney taking on the issue.

1. 1994:Mitt Romney debates Ted Kennedy over guns, crime.

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2. 1996:Obama questionnaire says he supports banning assault weapons, handguns.

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3. 2002:Romney in a debate says he supports tough guns laws, won’t chip away at them as Govenror

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4. 2002:Romney calls for a federal ballistic fingerprinting in program in the wake of the DC sniper shootings.

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5. 2002:Romney’s campaign website page on the issues on gun control says Romney supports banning assault weapons.

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6. Obama in 2004: The government can’t confiscate all gun, but we need to ban assault weapons.

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7. 2004:Obama debates Alan Keyes on gun control, says assault weapons only have one purpose, to kill people.

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8. 2005:Romney signs off on a permanent assault weapons ban in Massachusetts.

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9. 2007: Obama says gun owners have nothing to fear from an Obama Administration, supports owning hand guns, hunting rifles.

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10. 2007:Romney falsely claims he owes a gun, goes hunting, and is a member of the NRA.

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11. 2007:Romney says “I don’t line up 100% with the NRA on every issue” and “I support the assault weapons ban.”

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12. 2008:Obama says we need a common sense approach to gun control.

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13. 2011:Obama tells Jim Brady he is working on gun control “under the radar.”

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14. 2012:Romney no longer supports an assault weapons ban and says the best way to stop gun violence is to “vigorously enforce our laws.”

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