Yahoo’s Twitter Account Sent An “Unauthorized Tweet” About A Fake Ebola Outbreak In The U.S.

@YahooNews sent out a tweet about a fake Ebola outbreak in Atlanta.

Denis Balibouse / Reuters
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2. On Sunday afternoon, Yahoo!’s Twitter account was temporarily hacked and sent out a Tweet indicating that an Ebola outbreak in Atlanta had infected 145 Americans. It was retweeted over 800 times within a ten minute timespan.

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4. Ten minutes later, Yahoo confirmed that it was an “unauthorized tweet” with inaccurate information about an Ebola outbreak. The hacked Tweet was then deleted.

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6. Yahoo! did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed’s request for comment.

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BREAKING: @YahooNews changes password, no longer "yahoo123."

— Ross Knudsen (@AckThpth)
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