Costco Accidentally Labeled The Bible As “Fiction”

After a pastor tweeted a picture of the Bible labeled as “fiction,” a lot of people freaked out. Others thought it was hilarious and appropriate. The pastor has since made amends with Costco on twitter.

1. Californian pastor Caleb Kaltenbach was looking for a gift for his wife when he spotted this Bible labeled as “fiction,” in a Costco.

2. It immediately sparked furious reactions from his followers and members of his congregation.

5. Some questioned why The Koran wasn’t also in the “Fiction” section.

@calebwilds DOES Costco sell The Koran under the genre of "FICTION" I WONDER ???

— Southerngal1963 (@Holly Bishop)

.@CostcoTweets Why are #Christian Bibles labeled as "Fiction" but KORANs are NOT??? Tell us why NOW! @Costco

— dmbatten (@David Aaron Batten™)

8. Costco immediately apologized and relabeled the Bible.

Costco released a statement saying a distributor had mislabeled a “small percentage” of Bibles before sending them to the store.

“We take responsibility and should have caught the mistake. We are correcting this with them for future distribution,” Costco said. All mislabeled Bibles were also immediately relabeled.

“We greatly apologize for the error,” the store said.

For the record: this labeling mishap was at one Costco, and has not been reported at other stores nationwide.

9. Which a lot of non-religious people thought was unnecessary.

Why is Costco apologizing for putting the bible in the fiction section? Isn't that where it belongs? I'm confused

— elvinm (@elvin)

I'm of the belief that the Bible is the greatest piece of fiction that exists. A triumph - the man who wrote it is a literary genius.

— lewgopolis (@Lewis)

@Southerngal1963 @schneid52 @calebwilds so fucking sick of religious fucks taking offence to every fucking thing, get over yourself grow up

— DanielKofler1 (@Daniel Kofler)

Honey, we're getting a @Costco membership. Costco labels Bible "fiction." One might add "appropriately" @fxnopinion

— McBenefit (@Jamie McGonnigal)

Costco apologises for listing the bible as a fiction. Isn't that true, though?

— AnimeIsHomo (@punch me I'm gay2013)

This is why humans cannot have nice things. Costco is apologizing for accurately labeling the Bible as fiction.

— Anti_Intellect (@Anti_Intellect)

If the bible isn't under "fiction" then what is it? Mystery? Fantasy?? Erotic literature? Costco has no reason to apologize -___-

— BanginBassist (@lexi)

It isn't? RT @Criticalanglez: California pastor outraged to find Bible filed under 𠆏iction’ at Costco

— SamBronkowitz (@Samuel Bronkowitz)

17. The Pastor thinks that both sides of the argument are interesting. “It’s caused a lot of controversy, it’s caused a lot of conversation, which I think is good,” he said.

18. But Kaltenbach insists he is not angry at the store.

Just so everyone knows: I'm not outraged, angry, or stunned. I thought the label at Costco on the Bible was interesting

— calebwilds (@Caleb Kaltenbach)

I'm not crusading against @Costco or anyone else. I am sorry that this has created a difficult season for them!

— calebwilds (@Caleb Kaltenbach)

I believe Costco when they said it was an error. Hopefully God uses this topic to spark conversations on faith & His Word. I'm sure He will

— calebwilds (@Caleb Kaltenbach)

Cultural warfare over book labels casts a shadows the Gospel. Never my intent when I took a pic. I do hope discussion on God has occurred

— calebwilds (@Caleb Kaltenbach)

22. And The Pastor seems to have a pretty good sense of humor, at least according to his Facebook pictures.

Via Facebook

26. Turns out he even thinks Costco sets a pretty good example.

Matthew 25: God cares about how we care for our brothers & sisters in need... I'm glad #Costco is an example of that

— calebwilds (@Caleb Kaltenbach)

#Costco stands on the side of the Gospel when they pay employees a living wage & do good. Judge a tree by its fruit, not by its labels

— calebwilds (@Caleb Kaltenbach)
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