16 Awesome Six-Toed Cats Who Live In Ernest Hemingway’s Old House

Meet Hunter S. Thompson, Tennessee Williams, and friends.

1. Photographer Henry Hargreaves tells BuzzFeed: “Ernest Hemingway was celebrated in life as a great writer, lover, sportsman, adventurer, and rebel-rouser.”

Henry Hargreaves

Barbara Stanwyck

Henry Hargreaves

Joe DiMaggio

3. “What is less well known is that he was also a renowned cat lover.”

Henry Hargreaves

Betty Grable

Henry Hargreaves

Hunter S. Thompson

5. “He was given a six-toed cat, Snowball, by a ship’s captain who came to visit him in Key West.”

Henry Hargreaves


Henry Hargreaves

Billie Holiday

7. “Soon Snowball had a litter of polydactyl-gene-carrying cats, who Hemingway named after famous people of his time.”

Henry Hargreaves

Bumby (again)

Henry Hargreaves


9. “Just as the Hemingway legend continues to grow after his death, so does the celebrity-named, six-toed, 55-cat colony at his home-turned-museum.”

Henry Hargreaves

Gina Lolabrigida

Henry Hargreaves

Isadora Duncan

11. “I was intrigued by the story of a softer side to Hemingway and gained permission for a companion shoot.”

Henry Hargreaves

Martha Gellhorn

Henry Hargreaves


13. “I decided to use a contrived portrait setting befitting their genetic and celebrity heritage.”

Henry Hargreaves

Rudolph Valentino

Henry Hargreaves

Shine Forbes

15. “Like their famous namesakes, some of the cats lapped up the attention while others fled from the set like they were being chased by paparazzi.”

Henry Hargreaves

Tennessee Williams

16. Here’s Henry with Winston Churchill.

Henry Hargreaves

Watch his making-of video here.

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