This Haunting Stand Your Ground PSA Features Zimmerman 911 Call, Depicts Last Moments Of Trayvon Martin’s Life

Many see it as powerful and effective, while others think it goes too far. posted on

1. A new PSA dramatizes the fatal struggle between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin and calls for people to “stand up” to Stand Your Ground laws in 26 states.

2. The PSA is by a non-profit group, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. It explains the initiative on its website:

The traditional presumption in the law—from the advent of the Hebrew Bible through the creation of Roman law, English common law, and American law—has been that if you could spare human life, it was incumbent upon you to do so.

With “Stand Your Ground” (aka “Shoot First”) laws, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its partners in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) have turned 3,000 years of jurisprudence on its head. Now you can provoke a fight, and if losing that fight, kill the person you attacked.

3. Some think it goes too far and sends the wrong message.

This is an idiotic piece of garbage. - Anti-’Stand Your Ground’ PSA Reenacts Trayvon Martin Shooting

@ProudoftheUSA totally bogus. without SYG if you were challenged by anyone you would be required to RUN AWAY

7. Others noted that while it was a raw and emotional depiction, it drove home an important point.

@ThomasARoberts No one has or will forget Trayvon Martin and Bravo to the Stand Your Ground PSA video!

The Stand Your Ground PSA is so chilling. And what's more chilling is that it's accurate.

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