This Burrito Vending Machine Is Perhaps The Height Of Human Achievement

You press buttons and a piping-hot burrito comes out! It’s basically magic. Guacamole, sour cream, and Tabasco sauce optional.

1. Humanity, go home. Your job is done here. A new vending machine called Burrito Box in Los Angeles is dispensing hot burritos now.

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2. Burrito Box, which can be accessed on the World Wide Web via, offers up an interactive touchscreen menu and the choice of five burrito flavors for $3.

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3. The flavors are chorizo sausage (egg and cheese), uncured bacon (egg and cheese), shredded beef (and cheese), free-range chicken (rice and beans) and roasted potato (egg and cheese).

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4. You can get guacamole, sour cream, or Tabasco sauce on these bad boys as an optional choice.

Tabasco is $0.65, sour cream is $0.50, and guacamole is $0.75.

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5. Here’s the cute little Tabasco bottle you get.

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6. As you get super-pumped waiting for your burrito, a video plays, while the magic happens.

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7. So how do they taste?? Um, early reports are not encouraging.

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8. LAist tried all five flavors and used words like “bland,” “colorless and unappetizing,” and “sausage that didn’t taste like sausage.”


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9. Apparently the shredded beef was the best one. But hey, it’s $3 and comes out of a machine, so what do you want?

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10. To no one’s surprise, there are lines.

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11. The memes have started.

ID: 2258506

12. And people are excited.

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13. So if you’re in L.A., check it out and, uh, hopefully they taste decent.

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