A Whole Bunch Of People Threw Boiling Water In The Air To Watch It Freeze And Burned Themselves

Yeah, don’t do this.

1. With something called a “polar vortex” bearing down on the U.S. and plunging much of the country into the lowest temperatures in 20 years, people have gotten creative in how they experience it.

Jim Young / Reuters

2. For example, nothing could go wrong with this kind of good old-fashioned fun, right?

3. Wrong.

5. A lot of people are really burning themselves with boiling water.

8. People really aren’t getting the message.

11. Ambulances were very likely called.

12. Some people took the burning in stride.

15. “Throwing boiling water into the -50° wind and getting burned in the process. But look how cool! #science”

16. Everyone, please stop.

17. h/t: Matt Pearce, who first noticed the science gone very, very wrong.

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