Watch A Young Boy Explain Why Egyptians Threw Out The Muslim Brotherhood

“We didn’t get rid of a military regime to replace it with a fascist theocracy.”

1. Much of the world is still trying to understand the confluence of events that came together to oust Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

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2. In a video posted in March, that is picking up steam now, a young boy laid out much of the reasoning behind the country’s growing discontent with its government.

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3. How did he get so smart? He listens to others, uses his own brain and is an avid news consumer.

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4. He took issue with a constitution that said women were equal to men in all matters except where it contradicts Islamic law.

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5. In the end, his major complaint was that the revolution had not achieved the urgent goals it set out to achieve, which goes a long way towards explaining the events of the past week.

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