19 Photos Of The Dire Situation In Mexico After Two Powerful Storms Lead To Flooding And Looting

Eighty are dead, tens of thousands of people have been trapped, and more than 1 million people have been affected.

1. Two storms, Ingrid and Manuel, converged on Mexico from the Gulf and the Pacific, triggering flash floods.

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4. People waited to receive food rations in the flooded Mexican beach resort of Acapulco.

Tomas Bravo / Reuters
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Tomas Bravo / Reuters
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7. Looting broke out as everything from televisions to Christmas decorations were stolen, Reuters reports.

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8. Some stole supplies from supermarkets.

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9. Marines were posted to prevent further theft, NBC News says.

Tomas Bravo / Reuters
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Mexico / Reuters
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11. More than 2,000 tourists were airlifted by the army.

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12. But up to 40,000 are said to be marooned in Mexico, according to the BBC.

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Mexico / Reuters
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Mexico / Reuters
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15. This man was rescued from dangerous flood waters.

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16. Some looked for food in the water.

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17. People clamored to receive clean water.

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18. While the official number is 80 people dead, that number is expected to rise with dozens missing.

Tomas Bravo / Reuters
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Mexico / Reuters
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