People Are Going Absolutely Insane On Instagram To Win Katy Perry Tickets

People are really, really determined to get these tickets.

1. At first glance, you may think that an Instagram profile like this is simply what happens when someone accepts Instagram legend @mrpimpgoodgame as their personal lord and savior.

2. But upon further inspection, there’s a very interesting commonality among these potential protégés.

3. They’re all posing in front of racks of accessories from Katy Perry’s PRISM line at Claire’s stores.

5. Apparently everyone is trying to win Katy Perry tickets as part of a contest sponsored by Claire’s.

Each picture is tagged #KatyPerrySWEEPS. Winners get tickets, the entire PRISM collection, valued at $2,500, and a chance to meet Katy Perry after the show.

6. People are really, really determined to get these tickets.

7. Single accounts are posting hundreds of pictures in Clarie’s stores. Hundreds of millions of pictures.

8. It’s not just girls.

This is equal-opportunity obsession.


This guy’s profile says “Trying to win Katy Perry tickets for my girls!! The things I will do for them. LOL.”

Hope he got a GREAT Father’s Day present.

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