Pastor Bans Fried Chicken From Church Events

Oh Lawd Jesus, noooooooo!

Jonathan Bachman / Reuters

Reverend Michael Minor during a rally held by supporters of the Affordable Care Act.

2. Mississippi pastor Michael Minor is making headlines after banning fried chicken from church events. It’s not a bid to get his congregation to leave and find a church that does offer the sweet sacrament; it’s part of the pastor’s anti-obesity campaign.

From WMC-TV:

“Fried chicken has mysterious powers,” said Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church pastor Michael Minor, who says you cannot just eat one piece.

Minor banned fried chicken at church dinners along with sugary drinks to help combat obesity.

“People are healthier, more energy. Their weight is down and once you get the weight down, you want to keep it down,” said Minor.

3. Pastor Minor didn’t stop at fried chicken. He has since visited the White House to help First Lady Michelle Obama promote her “Let’s Move” campaign.

Win McNamee / Getty Images

4. He’s now leading the push for Obamacare in Mississippi, aiming to register each of the state’s 275,000 uninsured residents for the Affordable Care Act.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Minor’s church is one of only two organizations in the state that was given a federal grant to help in the effort. He was inspired to begin his crusade against poor health and delicious foods after noticing the health of his congregation. “It was so bad, I was having a funeral every weekend,” he said.

5. While working toward a healthier community is an admirable endeavor, your Grandma Hattie Pearl didn’t take the news very well.

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