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22 Perks Of Having Natural Hair

Big hair, don't care!

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1. Not having to run and hide from the rain.


Remember having to dive for cover or find something to put over your head as soon as the sky threatened rain? Remember having to schedule your outdoor activities around the weather? No more of that! Run around in those life-giving drops.

2. Humid day? Watch your hair spring to life as it just drinks it all up.


It may not be so great for stretched styles, but those free kinks, curls and coils just might flourish in the wet air.

11. The elation you feel when you're finally able to put your hair in a ponytail again after a big chop.


It isn't that long hair is better, but knowing that your hair is healthy enough to actually grow is a big dang deal.

21. When you straighten your hair and people tell you they like it better natural.


It's not that you need anyone else's validation, because your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters. But there's something awesome in knowing that other people recognize that the way you were made is okay.

22. And best of all: being confident enough in yourself to not care what anyone else thinks of you or your hair.


There's a special kind of strength that comes with embracing yourself because of how you were made, not in spite of. Congratulations on finding your light and refusing to let others blow it out!

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