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Awful Guy Arrested After Video Of Him Kicking A Cat In Brooklyn Hits The Internet

Seriously, who does that? Update: The cat has been found, and it's OK!

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When a video of a man kicking a cat outside a building and then laughing about it with his friends went viral, the internet launched an initiative to track him down.

People who saw the video on Facebook were able to identify the area of Brooklyn where the incident happened and contacted police. Several petitions to find and prosecute the man were also initiated.

Their hard work paid off. The culprit, 21-year-old Andre Robinson, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Robinson's mother, Mary Kirby, defended her son, saying, "he had to be high on something. It’s very out of his character."

The cat, called King by neighborhood residents, has been found after a search by detectives. King is believed to have sustained serious injuries from the kick.

King is, naturally, very wary of humans after his attack and after being examined, he'll be evaluated to see if he is a candidate for adoption.

You can watch the entire, nauseating video over at The Daily News.

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