What Does Your Social Graph Really Look Like?

What do all those Facebook friendships and retweets look like when they're all mapped out? Either a plinko board, a chandelier or a jellyfish, depending on who you ask.

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This one looks like a jellyfish, and it's one of the better graphs we've seen. If you've got a LinkedIn profile, you can try it out yourself.

This one looks like an erector set gone wrong — which is the look Facebook usually goes with when they're trying to explain the Open Graph.

Sometimes, your network looks like a Plinko board, at least according to this (sadly defunct) Facebook app from Paul Irish.

This is either a seashell or a sea urchin, depending on how much you're squinting. It was created with Curl, in case you want to take a shot at building your own.

This is most computery of the bunch, either an air traffic control screen or some kind of DOS-era war game. Try it out if you like.


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This Twitter map has been stripped down until it looks like a chandelier.

If it gets complex enough, the graph starts to look like a cloud, like this map of tweets and re-tweets from Recollect. Explore it here, or sign up to build your own once it comes out of beta.

If you give it enough space, the graph starts to look astronomical, like planets or satellites in orbit, as in this open-source Python project from Martin Laprise.

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