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New Internet Rule: The Best URLs Have The Worst Websites

If you need proof, just look at

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Once upon a time (i.e. the mid-90s), using a common word for your URL guaranteed tons of easy traffic. A lot of people didn't know how to use the internet, and when they wanted jokes, they would literally type "" into their browser window.

This happened thousands of times a day, every day. It doesn't happen anymore.

The result is a lot of expensive URLs that nobody wants. When someone does buy one, it's because they don't know how the internet works, which means the website they put there is usually insane. A few favorites:

Advertisement redirects to Cnet's gadget site, which is a good site but kind of weird to find if you're looking for straight news. Maybe they should let Weekly World News have this one.


So what's at your favorite URL?

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