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Listen To BuzzFeed's New Podcast "The Tell Show"!

Love storytelling? Just wait until you hear the crazy tales our awesome guests reveal on our new podcast, The Tell Show!

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You've heard that in storytelling, it's best to show, not tell. But we're here to change all that.

Michael Hinson / BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed’s new podcast The Tell Show​ is all about the joy of oversharing. Every episode, a different guest joins hosts Summer Anne Burton and Isaac Fitzgerald to tell a story they've never shared publicly before. From revelations about sex and stealing to insights about parenting and family, the stories are shocking, touching, and always unexpected. And with guests like author Cheryl Strayed and comedian W. Kamau Bell, you'll get to know a whole new side of some of your favorite people. Because when it comes to sharing our most important stories, you want people to tell you all the details.

Listen to the preview and subscribe on iTunes! We'll be back with a full episode every Thursday.

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