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People Are Angry After A Zara Employee In Paris Banned A Woman In A Hijab From A Store

The international retailer apologized for the incident — which was caught on camera — and said it has "sanctioned" the security staff and store manager.

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A Zara security staff member was caught on video refusing to let a woman wearing a hijab enter its store in Paris.

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In the video, the staff member is heard telling the unidentified woman that people whose heads are covered with caps, hats, beanies, hoods and hooded veils can't enter the store.

The woman is heard asking him if she can't enter store wearing a veil.

The man responds, "If things change, they'll change but I don't make the rules."

It's unclear when the video was shot, but it was uploaded on Nov. 14 — one day after the attacks. It has since been shared widely and has caused several people to criticize the chain.

#Zara stopped a women who's wearing #hijab from entering the store in #Paris #what a disappointment from a big company 😞👎🏼

Some attributed the incident to backlash against Muslims in the wake of the Paris attacks.

ZARA stores in France ban ladies wearing a Hijab (Headscarf) #Paris #islamophobia

@ZARA should be shamed and made accountable for its outrageous #islamophobia

Zara's statement reads:

"We would like to sincerely apologise for what has happened. Our Country Head in France has personally contacted this customer to apologise for the incident and to express our utter disagreement with such actions, which are completely opposite to the principles of our Company. Both the security staff and the store manager have been sanctioned. Once again, we are deeply sorry about this."

"Zara is a diverse and multicultural company that has employees and customers of many different nationalities, orientations, cultures, languages and beliefs. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination," the company said in a series of tweets.

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