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This Is Probably The Worst Thing You Can Dress As For Halloween This Year

Just... don't do it.

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By now you probably know that former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was indefinitely suspended from the NFL last month after TMZ released a video showing him knocking his now-wife, Janay, unconscious in an elevator.

Moments after knocking her into the elevator's railing at the now-shuttered Revel Casino in Atlantic City, Rice was seen on surveillance footage dragging Janay out of the elevator.

Well, the questionable costume brigade has seemingly begun early this year: Someone thought Rice and a victim of domestic violence would make for an appropriate pre-Halloween costume.

The photos appear to show a man dressed in Rice's Baltimore Ravens jersey dragging a blow-up doll — presumably his wife Janay — in a cruel imitation of her being dragged out of the elevator.

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