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The Internet Helped A Broke Father Watch His Oldest Son Graduate

Sometimes, sometimes, the internet is a nice place.

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On May 19, Reddit user branch455, posted this request on a thread about helping people cross things off their bucket lists: "I want to see my son graduate from high school. Don't have the resources to travel the 300 miles. Graduates Friday May 30th."

Troy Branch said he didn't have enough money to travel from Tallahassee to Eutis, Fla., to see his oldest son graduate. He said his finances were "stretched pretty thin as of late due to excessive medical bills."

Reddit users kicked into action. They helped Branch secure a cheap round trip ticket via Megabus. One Redditor used his Holiday Inn points to get Branch a hotel room. Others offered to drive him from the bus stop in Orlando to his hotel.

Branch posted his son's reaction when he told him he could make it for his graduation.

"I'm glad to see you can make it down to see me graduate. It means a lot to me. With the time we have between now and then, I'm sure we can work out the details of where you'll be staying and your mode of transportation. I look forward to seeing you Dad."


The proud father posted pictures of the day he spent with both his sons.

Thanks to the Internet's generosity, Branch said that he was able to take his sons to the movies and and the flea market which was one of their favorite things to do when they were younger.

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