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What Is Happening In These Intriguing Photos Of Obama And Merkel?

The hills are alive with the sound of Merkel.

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The leaders of seven nations are discussing climate change, the global economy, international security and other very important issues at the G7 Summit in Germany.

President Obama with G7 leaders and outreach guests at the G7 Summit inGermany

But the most important issue to have emerged from these talks is whatever's happening in this photo of U.S. President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel against the spectacular backdrop of the German Alps.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel talks with President Obama at the G7 summit in Germany.

Obama was accused of "manspreading" in clear violation of seating etiquette.

Woman complains loudly about 'manspreading'.


Merkel looks ready to threaten world war over Obama's outrageous manspreading MT @charliespiering This photo ->

There were plenty of Sound of Music comparisons.

This Angela #Merkel in Sound of Music is turning out to be fantastic. #Obama #G7Sum

♫The hills are alive♪♪...with the sound of cameras clicking - as G7 leaders pose in scenic mountain splendor.

"the hills are alive with the sound of music" Merkel-Obama-style


There were some subtle Putin references.

#MERKEL: and then Volodya told me that.. #OBAMA: we can skip what Volodya said. I got the tape.

And some not-so-subtle ones.

Very official looking photo from G7 summit shows Putin not booted from the group after all. h/t @DarthPutinKGB

"These are a few of my favorite peeps."

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