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This Picture Of A Baby Gorilla In His Mother's Arms Days Before Dying Will Destroy You

The four-day-old baby gorilla died Sunday at Como Park Zoo in Minnesota.

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This was the first baby gorilla to be born in Como's 55-year history of gorilla conservation and care.

Naturally, the zoo was super excited about its new arrival and shot this lovely video of the mother and baby spending quality time together.

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The baby appeared to be healthy through Saturday evening, the zoo said. He had a strong grip and was vocal.

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According to Como, Alice too was showing positive signs of maternal instinct and was seen nursing and cradling the baby.

But on Sunday, the baby's health began failing.

Later that day, four days after his birth, the infant died and resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful, the zoo said in a statement.

Zoo officials said they were unable to monitor the baby's food intake because Alice would cradle her baby to her chest with her back towards the zookeepers.

The baby may have died due to complications with his food intake, officials said.

Of the 437 gorillas born at the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) institutions since 1980, 26% of males and 20% of females did not make it to their first birthday, according to zoo officials. In the wild, first-time mothers have 50% higher infant mortality rates.

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