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Countries With The Most And Least Number Of Female Legislators

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The Inter-Parliamentary Union, an international organization of Parliaments, ranked 189 countries based on the percentage of women in the lower or single house of Parliament. Here are how some countries fared.

1. Rwanda

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Compared to all other nations, Rwanda has the highest percentage of women in its lower house of Parliament — nearly 64%. Of the 80 seats in the house, women occupy 51.

Here are some other interesting rankings of countries from the list:

62. China

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China has 23.4% of women in the National People's Congress (NPC) which is the largest parliamentary body in the world. Of its 2,987 members, 699 are women.

84. United States of America

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Women occupy 18.3% of seats in the House of Representatives. That's 79 women for 432 seats. However NPR notes that the list does not recognize countries that are tied with the same rank, so there are actually 98 countries with a higher percentage of female legislators than the U.S.

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