32 Powerful And Brutally Honest Tweets From #LifeOfAMuslimFeminist

The hashtag #lifeofamuslimfeminist began trending on Twitter Friday, and provided a “snippet of how badass, ruthless and honest, Muslim women” are.

Twitter user, @YxxngHippie, started the hashtag #lifeofamuslimfeminist to discuss the difficulties and complexities of being a Muslim feminist.

Within hours, the hashtag #lifeofamuslimfeminist blew up on Twitter with several Muslim women contributing.

Their personal and brutally honest tweets provided a compelling perspective on Muslim feminism.

Here are some of the most insightful tweets from the trend:


The double standards of it being ok for brown men to smoke cigs but people go mad if a hijabi smokes #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— نورالعين شاحد (@YxxngHippie)

Constantly having to prove to white fems that Islamic feminism DOES exist so stop trying to "free" me from Islam #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Aniqah (@AniqahC)

people instantly dismissing you as a feminist because as a muslim you're automatically supporting oppression of women #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— OxfordLinguist (@OxfordLinguist)

"So you're a Muslim AND a feminist? How does that work? Isn't it an oxymoron???" *facepalm* #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— نورالعين شاحد (@YxxngHippie)

Dear FEMEN: Your pasty tits don't liberate me. #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Noor يحيى Amr (@noor3amoor)

Being silenced by your community about your experiences because it will apparently justify islamophobia #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Nadoosh (@UmAlMa7rama)

white feminists simply love malala yet will not stand in solidarity with other muslim women #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— n.s (@nsyakiras)

Because this is unacceptable. Women are not the equivalent to rotten, dirty food. #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Sarah (@buonasahra)

White feminists argue women should be able to dress how they want to, yet refuse to let me wear my hijab in peace #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Zahraa (@loredsaviour)


— Bina (@binaemanvel)

Just because I don't wear the hijab doesn't mean I won't loudly defend my sisters who do. Don't try that crap with me #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Aniqah (@AniqahC)

The obsession with making our daughters perfect wife & moms & students while our sons sit around and do the minimum #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Autumn C-S (@Akitron)

Feared & dismissed for being a Muslim in the West. Feared & dismissed for being a feminist in the East. #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Salma Yaqoob (@SalmaYaqoob)

#lifeofamuslimfeminist pictures like this..from diamonds to apples, lollipops and now chickens

— Aisha..✨ (@AishaAbdi_)

Being told I won't find a husband with how vocal I am. Good. I have no interest in such a man. #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Sumaiya (@sumi4prez)

White fems want to pull your hijab off and 'liberate' you and Muslims tell you you don't need feminism #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— نورالعين شاحد (@YxxngHippie)

When your body and your clothing is a constant subject of "debate" by everyone except you #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Safiya Outlines (@SafiyaOutlines)

Being told that Islam is inherently feminist by Muslim Men who continue to reduce women to Hijab #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Ainee Fatima (@Faineemae)

Muslim feminism defined by South Asian and Middle Eastern experiences. Black Muslim women are invisible. #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— MiraMira (@caramelwithsalt)

Hearing a brother or sister use the phrase "you're not a real Muslim" in regards to feminism, LGBT community etc. #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Sarah (@buonasahra)

Let me be clear, Islam is FREE from sexism. Muslims aren't though. Reform the people not the religion. #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Lioness حميراء (@HumairaMayet)

Muslim men boasting Islam challenged oppression & female infanticide 1400 yes ago but silent abt women's rights today #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Salma Yaqoob (@SalmaYaqoob)

Having to reshape your norms and perceptions because misogyny is too often disguised as piety #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Nadoosh (@UmAlMa7rama)

Defending Islam from white saviors makes you brainwashed. Defending feminism from Muslim men makes you "Westernized." #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— andromeda (@_literallysatan)

Being told that feminism is for rebellious 'western women' who don't want husbands & children + are 'career-driven' #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— نورالعين شاحد (@YxxngHippie)

Being told your hijab is insufficient/incorrect by men who refuse to lower their gaze. #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Lioness حميراء (@HumairaMayet)

Having to deal with the idea that once you start wearing the hijab, any sin you commit from then on, is INTENSIFIED. #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Nadwa Naeem (@nadvva)

Getting lectures on how your hijab isn't "correct" by brothers who clearly missed the memo about lowering your gaze #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Fatihah (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (@Hijabinist)

The amount of books and lectures on 'Women in Islam' and the absence of 'Men in Islam' books,talks & debates #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— Salma Yaqoob (@SalmaYaqoob)

Trying to point out cultural patriarchy to Muslims and meeting a brick wall most times #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— نورالعين شاحد (@YxxngHippie)

Being this awesome every day. #lifeofamuslimfeminist

— TheSalafiFeminist (@AnonyMousey)

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