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People Are Crying After This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend And Dance Partner In The Middle Of A Dance

Ashley, and everyone else, was left impressed and in tears.

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This is Philip Ladaniel Wright, 30, and Ashley Liai, 29, who live in Sherman Oaks, California. They met at the Peaches School of Dance in Florida, and have been dating for eight years now.

Philip Ladaniel Wright

Wright has been working as a full-time professional dancer for about a decade. Liai is an actor who occasionally performs with dance companies.

The two recently celebrated their eight-year anniversary, and Wright had planned an extremely special way to commemorate their relationship, he told BuzzFeed News.

On the day of their anniversary, the two were scheduled to perform a choreographed dance together to John Legend's "You & I" at the famous Millennium Dance Complex studio.

The two had practiced their moves, but for two weeks, Wright had been practicing a tweaked version of the dance.

At one moment in the choreography while Liai had her back turned to him, Wright dropped down on one knee and proposed.

Instagram: @phil_wright_

"I was super nervous while dancing with her right before I popped the question," Wright explained.

"When I realized he was proposing, I instantly thought, 'Oh my God this is happening,'" Liai added.


"I always knew he was the one, so for me the answer was so simple," she said. (Spoiler alert: it was an emotional and resounding "yes.") Wright shared the moment to his Instagram, where it's gone massively viral.

Instagram: @phil_wright_

"I honestly can't wait to marry him," Liai said, now that it's been a week since the hype and excitement of that moment. "Everything about that day was perfect."

Philip Ladaniel Wright

"Throughout our years of being together, Phil has always had a great way of surprising me! He truly outdid himself that night."

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