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An Epic Swag Surf Took Place In The White House And People Got Emotional

'Twas also quite lit.

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Last month, BET filmed a special tribute to President Obama and his legacy, but it didn't air until Tuesday. We now know there were special performances, celebrity guests, and a night of celebration.

Our new fav song! 🎶 Love and happinesssss! 🎶 #ThankYouObama

And that first lady Michelle Obama was seen thoroughly enjoying herself throughout the night.

😍 @MichelleObama is in the audience just flawlessly enjoying herself 🙌🏾 #ThankYouObama


But what most people didn't see broadcast was the party after, because as the law states, after the show is the afterparty. DJ D-Nice recently shared footage of the huge crowd in the East Room of the White House ending the night by swag surfing as one unit.

Instagram: @djdnice

And it's gotten a lot of people both hyped and emotional.

The fact that they are Swag. Surfing. in the White House 😩😭😭 my heart is so full. Unapologetically black ASF 🙌🏾

People felt the significance and symbolism of watching a swag surf, among a mostly African-American crowd, take place in the White House.

Swag surfing. in the White House. never thought I would ever see the day. wow.


They swag surfing in the White House...This is going down in Black History forever. Thank you, Obama.

Some people even got teary-eyed, knowing it will probably be the last celebratory gesture like this for some time.

A crowd full of black people swag surfing in the WHITE HOUSE! YALL... I'm cryingggggggggggg 😭😭😭 whyyyyy does this have to end

@d_shandiix3 knowing all this culture is leaving the White House real soon

Obama really had a room full of black people swag surfing in the White House. January 20 really don't gotta come.

"Gotta take care of them kids, man, I know you heard Obama."

Dawg they was swag surf'n in the White House..... I luv my country 😢

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