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People Are Calling This YouTuber's Pranks A Public Nuisance And Just Downright Lame

Many believe Lil Skitzz's videos are an excuse to be "rude" to strangers and service workers. Lil Skitzz responded to the criticisms, telling BuzzFeed News, "They got inconvenienced for one minute — What’s one minute?"

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"Lil Skitzz" is a 23-year-old Canadian social media personality who has a self-described "Pranks, Social Experiments & Comedy Skits" channel on YouTube that's garnered a small handful of followers.

therealskitzz/Instagram / Via

Many videos posted to Lil Skitzz' Instagram page serve an audience of people who find them hilarious — simple lmaos and lols fill the comment sections.

"It’s funny, it’s daring, it’s shocking," he said of his work to BuzzFeed News.

Recently, one of his videos and "pranks" pissed off a lot of people. In a video posted to his Twitter in late August, he attempts to sleep on the conveyer belt at a Wal-Mart in the Toronto area.

What?! I needed a nap I had a long day ☹️☹️

A friend films Lil Skitzz lying on the conveyer belt at a cashier station as another friend pretends to put him to sleep.

A line of confused and irritated customers look on.

Over the last two weeks, the video has drawn a lot of backlash and criticisms from people who simply do not see any humor in the stunt.

@TheRealSkitzz This is not funny it's dumb and inconsiderate and rude. Someone should've snatched that blanket and spray mace in his eyes.

Especially when Twitter user @MrGoodBeard_ reacted to Lil Skitzz' tweet/video by simply saying, "This is not comedy." The response has gone viral with over 21,000 retweets.

This not comedy. Y'all lame


Many voiced their concerns for the employees and customers in the video, who were highly inconvenienced for a joke. "This is really rude and in all honesty sad to see," one person wrote. "Look at the cashier who works there."

@TheRealSkitzz This is really rude and in all honesty sad to see. Look at the other people waiting patiently in lin…

@TheRealSkitzz Next time make sure your "jokes" don't inconvenience people trying to get on with their day. This is…

retail/service workers don't get paid enough for all the unfunny "pranks" they have to put up with from people like…

Many others were just confused and unamused.

@TheRealSkitzz I'm confused??? What was the point of this...


@TheRealSkitzz This is how hard that video made me laugh

Lil Skitzz has since responded to the criticisms of how he disrupted Wal-Mart workers and shoppers, telling BuzzFeed News the video was "only one minute" long.

Lil Skitzz

"They got inconvenienced for one minute — What’s one minute?" he said. "The cashier, she's still getting paid hourly. She’s getting paid the same wage."

He also claimed that the other shoppers who were watching them were laughing and entertained — even though the video did not capture anyone laughing.

"Everyone was laughing. I don’t know if the camera really showed that," he said.

The Wal-Mart "prank" led these people to other videos posted on Lil Skitzz' social media accounts — including a recent one where he steals gas from a woman.

The video ends in physical confrontation, as the angered woman attempts to retrieve the pump back from him.

What ?! My gas light came on and the prices still ain't change 🤷🏽‍♂️ I needed some fuel (had to get crafty this tim…


Another "prank" posted last week shows Skitzz and some friends running up on an attendant at a gas station who fell asleep, and waking him up by saying someone stole gas on his watch.

See what happens when you sleep on the job?! 😂😴 #CaughtLackiN 🤷🏽‍♂️

However, new audiences are not entertained.

@TheRealSkitzz Lol your videos are wack bro

One person believes the backlash has been more of a pile-on effect than anything.

people only hating on this vid cause everyone else is. last week y'all woulda been geeked over this shit

Lil Skitzz said his videos are intended to be "ridiculous." He's not only unfazed by the negative responses, he said his "pranks" are going to get more elaborate. It's all part of a bigger "plan", he said, although he said he cannot divulge what that is at the moment.

Instagram: @therealskitzz

"My only response to [the backlash] is it is what it is," he said. "We’re pushing the limits; it’s only going to get better. The pranks are going to get more intricate."

"There’s definitely a point to it all, but that’s going to happen later on. Everything’s planned."

In a now-deleted tweet from last week, Lil Skitzz wrote, "These salty ass retail workers in my DMs...clearly you plan on making a career outta being a Walmart employee.. that's why you mad."

These salty ass retail workers in my DMs... clearly you plan on making a career outta being a Walmart employee.. that's why you mad 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

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