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People Are Melting After Watching This Dog With Headphones Watch A Dog Video


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This is Joey. He's a 6-year-old golden retriever who's "a big dog but also a big baby."

Emily Kuang

"He's afraid of cats and loud noises," his 18-year-old owner, Emily Kuang, from California told BuzzFeed.

So on July 4, as fireworks were ringing out through the night, Joey got very scared and jumped into Emily's parents' bed — something he knows he's not allowed to do.

Emily Kuang

But Emily's parents made an exception that night because they knew Joey would be startled.

To calm his nerves and drown out the noise, Emily's mom put a pair of headphones on him and played a dog video from a Chinese news app on her iPad. Emily captured it in a tweet that's now been retweeted over 100,000 times. (Press play: You will 😊😭😭💀💀)

he's scared of the fireworks so my mom put on some dog videos for him ❤️


Emily told us it's not the first time Joey's worn headphones, because they mask loud noises for him pretty successfully. But she had no idea the tweet would become this much of a deal.

Emily Kuang

"My boyfriend's sister retweeted it and she has a decent amount of followers, and it just blew up from there," she said.

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