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Two Arrested In Connection With Deadly Los Angeles Restaurant Shooting

Authorities have arrested two individuals in connection with the Saturday morning shooting that left four people dead and eleven more injured.

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A shooting at a restaurant in southwest Los Angeles early Saturday morning left four people dead and 11 more injured, police said.

Mowayne McKay, 33, and Diego Reid, 25, have been arrested in connection with the shooting, ABC 7 reported, citing police. Both men, who are Jamaican nationals, were arrested Sunday morning.

The death of a fourth person was announced Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Los Angeles police spokesman Mike Lopez told BuzzFeed News that officers responded to a call about a shooting around 12:30 a.m. in the West Adams neighborhood.

The incident occurred at a residence that has an underground restaurant.

"A male and female became involved with a verbal dispute with patrons, left, and then came back with firearms," Lopez said.

LAPD Sgt. Frank Preciado told the Los Angeles Times that officers arrived to find around 50 people running out of the restaurant.

"It's a bloody scene with shell casings everywhere," he said. "This is one of the most horrific crime scenes I've seen in a while."

Officials told the Los Angeles Times there was gunfire coming from both sides at one point, creating a chaotic shootout in the residential neighborhood. Investigators were searching for at least three more suspects, they told they paper.

They have also recovered one gun from the scene, and believe it was the weapon used in the shooting.

LAPD Sgt. Thomas Bojorquez said many of those wounded found their own transportation to five different hospitals. The LAPD has not released the identities of the victims.

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