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Here's Where That False Anti-Muslim Video Trump Retweeted Came From

The video, which depicts an attack by a Dutch teen on another Dutch teen, was first picked up by anti-Muslim activists in May. It has circulated through pro-Trump Twitter accounts, Reddit, Alex Jones' website Prison Planet, and the website of an anti-Muslim crusader — before being retweeted by the president of the United States.

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One of the videos, claiming to show a "Muslim migrant" assaulting a "Dutch boy on crutches," is false. But it lived for months on pro-Trump Twitter accounts and in anti-Muslim fever swamps online. Here's the history of the video's journey to the president's Twitter account.


The news report neither mentions the 16-year-old boy's religion or if he's a migrant, but does say his hometown is Monnickendam, a small town in the Netherlands.

The official Twitter account of the public prosecutor's office in North Holland confirmed that the boy in the video was "born and raised in the Netherlands."

The suspect, who was born and raised in the Netherlands, received a HALT settlement ( This…

And the Netherlands Embassy in the US also tweeted at Trump, saying "Facts do matter."

@JaydaBF @realDonaldTrump .@realDonaldTrump Facts do matter. The perpetrator of the violent act in this video was b…


The account, StockMonsterVIP tweeted the video with the Dutch website's logo in the upper-right corner and added the word "migrant." StockMonsterVIP's tweet came just a day after it was originally posted there, and on the same day as the teen's arrest, May 13, 2017.

The video received at least 5,037 retweets. (StockMonsterVIP appears to have retweeted a now deleted tweet by the Twitter account SaveTWest, an unverified account that claims to be an "anti-establishment news source.")

The Twitter account, which often tweets pro-Trump memes and news reporters, is also followed by retired Lt. Gen. and ousted Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, as well as President Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., who is very active on Twitter.

And the word "Muslim"? Just one day after the video appeared on the internet, anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller posted the video on her website with the title: "VIDEO: Muslim Migrant beats up helpless disabled Dutch boy on crutches."


"More of the diversity and multiculturalism Syrian refugees bring to the West," Geller wrote. "This is what the Democrats want for disabled Americans."

Paul Joseph Watson, an editor at Infowars — the Alex Jones media property, which also owns Prison Planet — tweeted a critique about Trump's retweet, questioning the "optics" of retweeting Britain First.


When asked if it's also "not great optics" for the video and headline to be posted on the website for which he works — and was sourced from an anti-Muslim activist — Watson said, "I didn't comment on the content of the videos, I commented on the optics of retweeting Britain First."

"I wrote in the past about Syrian rebels ransacking Christian churches, as seen in the video Trump retweeted," Watson continued, implying his tweet was in reference to another other video retweeted by Trump.

This time the title was, "Refugee beats up Dutch boy on crutches."


It is unclear how President Trump, who does not follow Fransen, came across the video, but conservative writer and commentator Ann Coulter, who Trump does follow, retweeted the video on the same day Fransen posted it for the second time on her account.

It's possible — though unconfirmed — that Trump perhaps saw Coulter's retweet in the "In case you missed it" feature on Twitter's mobile app.

my uninformed theory: Twitter's 'what you might have missed' algorithm surfaced coulter's RT of the Britain First l…

Still, it's not even clear Trump himself hit the RT button.


White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah was asked how the president came across the video on Wednesday. He responded, "Look, we are not going to be focusing on process. I know you guys want to. We are going to be focusing on the issues."

Charlie Warzel contributed to this report.

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