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Sterling K. Brown Got Curved On "Insecure" And We're Not OK

The show may change, but his perfection stays the same.

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But on her first excursion out, it was Molly (Yvonne Orji) who ended up catching an Emmy-winning fish.

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Yes, that is This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown out and about like Randall's not supposed to be at home with Beth and the kids.

Insecure executive producer, Prentice Penny, told The Hollywood Reporter that Brown, who was "a big fan of the show," wanted to make an appearance. But they didn't have much time with him because of his This Is Us schedule.


But Twitter straight up lost its cool over the cameo.

Sterling K. Sexy Ass Brown! I'm here for this. #InsecureHBO


I'm so here for Sterling as a love interest for Molly!! #insecureHBO


Fans did not take well to Molly blowing off our beloved Randall, er, I mean, Lionel.

Worried one day I might choke @YvonneOrji thinking she's Molly IRL out here turning down SZA with Sterling Brown. #InsecureHBO

and molly's over here turning down sterling brown. is this the twilight zone? lol. #insecurehbo #soinsecurr


K but molly turning down sza tickets from sterling k brown sis wyd #InsecureHBO

Penny defended the storyline on Twitter, saying that Molly rejecting a man she wasn't feeling is a good thing, no matter how perfect he seemed.

Molly out here curving sterling k brown. That's growth! #InsecureHBO

"Last year, [Molly] would have been very excited to date him, but this year, she's kind of grown up," Penny told The Hollywood Reporter. "The fact that she puts Sterling K. Brown on the back burner, I think, is just kind of awesome and unexpected. You're thinking, 'Of course they're going to get together,' and I like that we didn't do that."

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