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These Parents Let Their Baby Make Her Own Artwork For Her Room And It Turned Out Incredible

Can Maya make me a piece?

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This is Ryan Dalton, his wife Raniece, and their 16-month-old daughter, Maya. The family recently moved from Brooklyn to Alabama for a "slower pace" of life.

Ryan Dalton

Ryan told BuzzFeed News that he and his wife try to parent Maya in a more "adventurous" way, by letting her explore the world on her own terms.

"I like her to explore and be free," he said.

The couple is expecting their second child, and recently bought their first home. Ryan said he has been excited to finally own a home after years of renting.

"It's an opportunity I have been waiting for, to have a place we can really make our own," he said.


The young artist in action!

The coolest part of all may be the fact that Maya recognizes that she made the paintings herself. Ryan said he hung them temporarily in their rental as they waited to move, and that they were amazed that Maya seems to know her own art.

Ryan Dalton

"Every time Maya sees it she smiles and points and laughs," he said. "She knows she was a part of it and created it."

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