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People Are Loving This Dad Who "Babysat" His Daughter's Doll At Work

"We did it because I love my daughter...and she asked me to."

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Jody McCain told BuzzFeed News her husband took photos of the doll's day to show his daughter he took his babysitting responsibilities seriously.

“I didn't want Joselyn thinking I threw Abbie in the sleeper and forgot about her," Trent told his wife. "She has been sending instructions via Facebook all day.”


Their friends and family loved the pictures, and one friend encouraged Trent McCain to share them on his business Facebook page. He did, and they have since been shared almost 90,000 times.

Trent said he had no idea the photos would be so popular.

"We really had no intention of this getting past our neighborhood," he told BuzzFeed News. "We didn't do it for publicity, we did it because I love my daughter...and she asked me to."

Jody agreed, saying the family has been flabbergasted by the response.

"We shared several of the comments with Joselyn," she said. "She was just as overwhelmed as we were."

Since then, the family has shared photos of Abbie on more adventures.

Abbie has gone fishing and even toured a local radio station, Jody said.

However, she said Abbie may need to take a break from the spotlight for the time being.

"I’m afraid Abbie’s adventures are becoming a bit overwhelming," she said. "She may just stay out of the public eye for awhile."

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