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People Are Really Confused By This "Dripping Blood" Choker Being Sold For Halloween


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It's almost Halloween, so all the ~trendy~ stores are rolling out their spooky but sexy holiday swag.

It then spread to social media, where people alternately thought 😳 and 😝.

Do we need to get our minds out of the gutter or is this pure filth? 😳🙈

Everyone is a little confused.

@TracieMorrissey hmm "Halloween Glow in the Dark Dripping Blood Choker" They know blood is red, right? And something else is white? lol

Some people were subtle.

This doesn't exactly look like BLOOD dripping... Hmmm....

Others not so much.

Pretty sure we nailed it.... ASOS released a 'dripping blood' choker that looks a lot like cum (via @dailyedge)

BuzzFeed News has undoubtedly annoyed the Asos PR team by asking them for comment on this story.

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