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Starbucks Baristas Totally Hate The Unicorn Frappuccino And Are Losing It Online

"It's literally a poison-infused abomination."

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ICYMI (but you definitely didn't because this is inescapable and no one is safe) Starbucks just released the Unicorn Frappuccino.

Instagram: @starbucks

The new drink resulted in unicorn MANIA. Instagram feeds were soon flooded with people trying the drink.

Instagram: @siil26

Starbucks baristas also posted about the craziness, with some showing just how many Fraps they had to make.

Instagram: @liebling_rd_

And some of them could NOT handle it. In one viral rant, a self-proclaimed barista named Braden totally freaked out about how much it sucks to make it.

#unicornfrappuccino @Starbucks So this happened at work today 🦄

"PLEASE DON'T GET IT," he yelled. He has since deleted the video.

A lot of Starbucks workers said they could relate, dubbing Wednesday the worst day ever to be a barista.

@iambburson @Starbucks I relate to this so well 😂😂 today has been one hell of a day for us baristas

They couldn't handle the constant onslaught of unicorn requests.

@iambburson @Starbucks This connects with me spiritually as a barista today.


And others just had no patience for the situation.

"Hi what can I -" UNICORN DRINK. #BaristaProblems

Customers also reported that baristas are at their wits' end with the unicorn craze.

Asked a Starbucks barista about #unicornfrappuccino: "It's white mocha+mango+sour sugar powder. It's the worst thing that has ever happened"


One even said he had a perfect place for the Frap...the trash.

*walks into starbucks* Barista *don't order the unicorn 🦄 frappe* me *okay?* Barista *pulls out trash can* #unicornfrappuccino 🤢

And others are openly warning their customers that they aren't huge fans of the Frap's flavor.

I knew I was getting into some risky shit when I ordered the #UnicornFrappuccino and the barista told me not to.....

Godspeed least you get a break before PSL season.

Instagram: @starbucks

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