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These College Roommates Just Realized Their Moms Are Long-Lost BFFs And Now They're Reuniting

"I was screaming and jumping and screaming some more."

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This is Roaya Jannatipour, a sophomore attending the University of California, Berkeley. Her dad is from Iran, and her mom is from Morocco. She was born in Canada, where her parents studied.

Roaya Jannatipour

On Roaya's first day of classes at Cal, her friend from high school called and told her she had a friend from summer camp she wanted to introduce Roaya to.

Roaya's friend told her that she thought Roaya would get along with her friend, a fellow freshman from Virginia named Nissma Bencheikh, because they were so alike.

"They both went to the same summer camp in New York together, and throughout the whole thing, she said this girl totally reminded her of me," Roaya said of her friend.

After speaking to Roaya's mom, Nissma's dad asked Roaya what her mom's name was. When she told him, he said, "I knew it!"

"At that point I was very confused," Roaya said.


Their moms had been super close. Roaya's mom had not only been present at Nissma's sister's birth, but had NAMED her.

Roaya Jannatipour

Nissma said she had seen baby pictures of herself with Roaya all her life, and had heard stories about her mom's close friend when they lived in Canada.

She said she always knew "my sister's name came from one of my mom's best friends," but that she had never met that friend.

That's because when the families moved to the US, they sadly lost touch. "My mom has actually been trying to find her mom on Facebook," Roaya said.

Roaya Jannatipour

When the girls realized their connection, they were totally shocked.

"I was screaming and jumping and screaming some more," Roaya said. "What are the odds that that could happen?"


Roaya Jannatipour's and Nissma Bencheikh's last names were misspelled in a previous version of this post.

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