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Greek "No" Voters Are Celebrating Their Victory On Social Media

Large crowds gathered in Athens to celebrate after voters rejected austerity measures tied to a bailout and the hashtag #Oxi (or No) was running hot.

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Greek voters are celebrating after the country decisively voted against a referendum to approve sweeping new austerity measures.

Many people gathered to celebrate in Syntagma Square, which is the central square in the country's capital city of Athens.

As it became more and more clear that the "No" vote was winning, the crowds grew even larger.

People cheered, waved flags, and sounded horns as it became more and more clear that the "No" vote had prevailed.

The vote leaves the country's future in the eurozone uncertain.

Many Greeks posted pictures to Instagram and other social networks using the hashtag #oxi, the Greek word for "no."

This young woman also hashtagged her picture #smiles and #alltogether.

"#Greeks want out of the #eurozone. They want their country back," this user wrote.

This person wrote they were "proud" to be in Athens on such a historic day for the country.

"Oxi" began to pop up over the country to mark the occasion.

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