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Even George W. Bush Has To Go To Jury Duty

Apparently, former presidents aren't exempt from everyone's favorite civic duty.

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There are a lot of perks involved with being the president of the United States, but apparently skipping jury duty isn't one of them.

Look who I just met doing Jury Duty! #POTUS

President George W. Bush showed up at a Dallas courthouse on Wednesday to do his civic duty, and everyone was pretty surprised.

A spokesman for the former president confirmed to BuzzFeed News that Bush attended jury duty at the George Allen Courts Building, and was there for about three hours.

Jurors told the Dallas Morning News they were shocked when Secret Service began filing into the courthouse.

If the former President can show up for jury duty what excuse do you have? #civicduty

But the former president put the room at ease.

“He was very personable, very friendly, just, ‘Hey I’m here to serve’ — he asked questions and was very nice,” juror Sheri Coleman told the newspaper. “I loved it.”

Of course, all his fellow citizens wanted a picture.

President Bush had jury duty today! 🇺🇸 #43

But he was a good sport.

If this guy has to show up for jury duty, so do you.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) for No. 43, he didn't get picked for a trial, but he did complete the jury selection process.

George W. Bush (and the Secret Service) had to show up to jury duty in #Dallas today —

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