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Here's All The Jokes You Need About Steve Bannon Leaving The White House

"Bannon has alt-left the White House."

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People on Twitter soon began to troll Bannon without mercy.

A lot of people were super excited Bannon was gone.

#Bannon #BannonOut #BannonIsHistory celebrations 🎉

There was tons of rejoicing.



A lot of other clever cats made some ~fun puns~.

Bannon has alt-left the White House [oh god, sam]

Good one!

A-BANNON YE ALL HOPE yes i am available for hire


Woah. I did Nazi that coming. Don't worry, Steve, I'm sure you'll be alt-right. #BannonOut


Still, others latched on to Trump's comments this week defending Confederate statues, and they all had the same joke.

BREAKING: Trump has removed a statue honoring the confederacy from the White House.

This "statue" is gone, too. Sad!

BREAKING NEWS: Grotesque Confederate Statue Removed from the White House.

Ice cold.

Guess Bannon isn't as beautiful as his racist statue counterparts Trump wants so desperately to preserve.

Media types all made the same joke as well.

Trump is clearly pivoting to video #BannonOUT


Everyone is doing it these days.

Others imagined what was really going on in the White House.

Hope Hicks looks down at her notebook. With a red pen she neatly crosses out the name: -STEPHEN K. BANNON She smiles and turns the page...

Or Trump's real motives.

BREAKING: Donald Trump sends Steve Bannon away to find the cure for greyscale. "I command you to heal yourself," Tr…

(Note: this photo isn't real and comes from the Onion.)

Oh my.

Steve Bannon has resigned to spend more time with his jars of preserved animal fetuses


And of course, people made Apprentice jokes.

Are there even any contestants left on White House season one to get fired? #bannonout

Or maybe it's not a joke?

So Bannon is out now? Is someone gonna get axed every week like…like… Holy shit. We are LIVING The Apprentice.

Who is even left at the White House anymore?

Regardless, we will miss you, Steve.

Trump administration "In Memoriam": Steve Bannon edition


And everything that could have been.

.@rosie we will never see our dream realized. #Bannon #ByeFelicia! 🎉

Another one bites the dust!

Another one bites the dust... #Bannon

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