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A Dad's Brutally Honest Obituary For His Daughter Is Going Viral

Tom Parks said he hopes his family's honesty about his daughter Molly's struggles may help other families dealing with drug addiction.

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Instead of being vague about his daughter Molly's cause of death, Tom Parks wrote point-blank that his daughter died of a heroin overdose.

He then detailed in heartbreaking detail his daughter's years-long struggle with addiction.

The obituary was published online, and quickly went viral for its candidness.

Parks wrote that Molly attended college for one year, "until her addiction took over." "She enjoyed theater, fashion, reading – especially Harry Potter, and will always be remembered for fearless personality and her trademark red lipstick," he wrote.


Parks told BuzzFeed News that people usually don't say that their loved one died of a drug overdose because they are embarrassed, but he wants to change that.

“I wanted people to know that people are dying of addiction and overdoses," he said.

He added, "People have to know, we are losing a whole generation."

In a post on Facebook, Parks said he hopes other people who have relatives fighting addiction can help them get the help they need.

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Kasey wrote on Facebook that young adults need to realize they aren't "invincible."

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Parks said he never expected his obituary to go viral, but he hopes to inspire other families struggling with addiction.

He said his message is "don’t give up on your loved ones."

“As long as they are still breathing you can help them, and it hurts, but don’t give up," he said.

Parks said he never gave up on his daughter, and his family happy her story is being shared.

"They are very happy that there is coverage and people are being woken up to what is going on," he said.

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