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People Are Getting Super Emotional Over The "Thanksgiving" Episode Of "Master Of None"

Spoilers ahead if you haven't finished binge-watching the new season.

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The first season of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None gave the world the gift of Denise (Lena Waithe). It's no surprise the sarcastic best friend, perfectly portrayed by Waithe, quickly became a fan favorite on the must-binge Netflix series.

The eighth episode, which takes place over several years of Thanksgiving celebrations, flashes back to a teenage Denise (Eden Duncan-Smith) confiding in Dev (Suraj Partha) about her sexuality for the very first time.


People wasted no time logging onto Twitter so they could share their reactions to the special episode. Let's just say it left people emotional.

this thanksgiving episode in master of none really got me crying in the club

"Powerful conversations & exploration of relationships that is never seen on TV," said another.

You KILLED the Thanksgiving episode @LenaWaithe powerful conversations & exploration of relationships that is never…


To conclude: If you watch only one episode of the new season of Master of None (and let's be real — why only watch one?) let it be the "Thanksgiving" episode.

the thanksgiving episode of the new season of master of none is the best piece of television to come out this year…

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