Lavish Photography Accessories For Your iPhone

Be honest, you use your phone camera more than your real one. Even selfies deserve the best quality!

1. Attachable Lenses

What You Get: Magnetic lenses for your phone including a fish-eye lens, macro lens, and telephoto lens.
Cost: $20.00 each or $49.00 for all three
Where: Photojojo

2. The mCam

What You Get: The Billet aluminum body, 37mm Wide Angle/Macro Combo Lens, 180° External Microphone, and Silicone Case.
Cost: $160.00
Where: Action Life Media

3. Kogeto Dot

What You Get: One 360° lens for photography or video. With the free Looker app, allows users to capture panoramic video.
Cost: $49.00
Where To Get It:

Panoramic Video:

4. Holga Filter

What You Get: Special effects lens kit that can slip right onto your phone.
Cost: $25.99
Where: Holga Direct

5. The Camalapse

What You Get: Base and tripod that will enable you to take smooth panning timelapse video.
Cost: $45.00
Where: Photojojo

6. Telephoto Lens

What You Get: One 12X zoom lens, tripod, and iphone case.
Cost: $35.00
Where: Photojojo

7. The DSLR Mount

What You Get: The EnCinema SLR Adaptor (Lens not included, sorry).
Cost: $189.00
Where: Vid-Atlantic

8. Cable Trigger

What You Get: Remote shutter release with retractable cable. Plugs right into your headphone jack!
Cost: $23.00
Where: Photojojo

9. The Steadicam Smoothee Rig

What You Get: This accessory allows you to capture incredible video and still images without the shakes normally associated with hand-held video shot on the go.
Cost: $170.00
Where: Tiffen

10. The Bike Pod

What You Get: Bike Pod and Grip-tight Mount
Cost: $45.00
Where: Photojojo

11. The Gorillapod

What You Get: The flexible tripod can attach itself to just about any surface.
Cost: $29.95
Where: Joby

12. The DriSuit Endurance

What You Get: Waterproof case that allows you to take photo/video underwater while your phone stays dry.
Cost: $39.00
Where: Amazon

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