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Video Captures Elephants In Israel Protecting Their Young From Incoming Rockets

The video, shot by a local zookeeper, shows a herd of elephants reacting as an air raid siren begins to sound. In Gaza, meanwhile, zookeepers have been having trouble keeping their animals alive.

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For the first time, rockets fired from the Gaza Strip have reached over 100 miles into central Israel, targeting areas in Israel's densely populated urban center. In the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan, zookeepers shot this video as air raid sirens sounded.

The Safari Zoo in Ramat Gan has been successfully breeding endangered Asian elephants for the last two years.

Uriel Sinai / Getty Images

Zookeepers said they were initially worried how the animals would respond to air raid sirens, which wail for up to one minute to warn Israelis of an incoming rocket attack.

They soon found that the elephants appeared to naturally move to protect their young, the zookeepers on their Facebook page.

Gaza's zoo, meanwhile, has struggled to keep its animals alive through Israeli offensives, air pollutants, power outages, and a lack of fresh food. In 2008, most of the animals in the Gaza City zoo were killed when Israeli shells landed nearby.

One Gaza zoo, which lost its zebras following Israel's 2012 offensive into Gaza, painted donkeys to look like zebras, while another zoo in southern Gaza attempted basic taxidermy when their animals died, and they were unable to bring in others.

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