Egyptians Share Their First Time Being Sexually Harassed

Activists have created a hashtag called “the first time I was sexually harassed” اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري# in response to accusations by Egyptian media figures like Tamer Amin that women invite sexual harassment. In surveys, over 90% of Egyptian women say they have been harassed.

1. “I was in the second grade, coming back home with my mother and wearing my favorite trousers … Since that day, I’ve never worn them again.”

2. “My first time being sexually harassed, I was wearing the niqab [a full face veil].”

3. “I was 10 years old and he showed his penis to me.”

4. “My 9-year-old cousin was a beautiful boy. He went to the shop to buy something and when he was returning home the shopkeeper went into the elevator with him and closed the door…”

6. “It was my headmaster in school, and I had to threaten him with an official complaint before he stopped.”

#اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري مديري في المدرسة اللي عينتني فيها القوى العاملة و اضطريت اعمل معاه مواجهة و هددته بشكوى رسمي لولا خاف و بعد

— @Emmy (@LOVE_2b_ALIVE)

7. “I was 9 years old and alone in the supermarket. I didn’t know what he was doing, but people around me began shouting at him. I stood quiet and shocked.”

#اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري 9سنين كنت في السوبر ماركت لوحدي كان راجل في ا񤑀 مكنتش فاهمة حاجة لدرجة ان الناس هزقوه وانا فضلت ساكتةو مصدومة

— Sherouk° (@SheroukkAhmed)

8. “I was 10 years old, waiting for my friend who was also my neighbor, and an older guy came and touched my behind. I stood frozen.”

#اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري تقريبا ١٠ سنين، كنت مستنية صاحبتي (جارتي اللي ساكنة قدامي وش) راجل كبير حسس عليا من ورا وانا اتثبتّ بقى.

— toxie (@tokabee)

9. “It was my first time wearing a skirt in years, a guy drove up in his car, hit my behind, and ran off. The worst part is that his children were with him in the car, and people around were laughing.”

#اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري اول مره البس جيبه من سنين راح راجل ضربني من ورا ومشي بالعربيه والكارثه انه معاه اطفال وكل اللي جمبي كانو بيضحكوا

— ريهام (@Riham_Habeb)

10. “4 years old.”

#اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري 4 years

— Tahani Abu Shaban (@TahaniShaban)

11. “I was 10 years old and he was a relative, my father’s age. I didn’t understand what had happened until I was much older.”

١٠ سنين وكان احد أقاربى فى سن والدى .. لم افهم ما حدث الا لما كبرت ... #اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري

— Viva (@vivianeserour)

12. “Sexual harassment isn’t just touching. Dirty looks can also be horrible.”

بالنسبالي التحرش موش بس لمس .. نظرات حقيرة من شخص حقيرة كفيلة بإفساد المود #اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري

— مصرية ضد الأخوان (@magnona_rasmy)

13. “When I complained they didn’t believe me and they hit me and called me sick because he was close to the family.”

لما اشتكيت لأنى من واقعة #التحرش عشان كان حد قريب اوى من العائلة ضربتنى ومصدقتنيش وقالت انى مريضة #اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري

— † Rita Aziz † (@RitaAziz85)

14. “I was 9 years old, he was a grown man on the bus and he slipped his hand under my backpack.”

تسع سنين من راجل كبير في الباص عدي ايده من تحت الشنطة #اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري

— soso the mum (@Dr_saraElkholi)

15. “I was 6 years old, he was a man in the market. I didn’t understand why he was did what he did, but he scared me. I didn’t say anything, but felt disgusting.”

#اول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري 6سنين من الراجل بتاع السوبر ماركت مكنتش فاهمه بيعمل كده ليه كان بيخوفني عشان متكلمش كنت حاسه بقرف اوي من نحيته

— sondos mostafa (@SondosMostafa83)

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