[Sponsored by Red Stripe Light]

1. Red Stripe Embassador Loses His Pants (Red Stripe Light)

2. The Bartles And Jaymes Guys

They’re emblematic of a simpler time in America.

3. Megan Mullally Dances (“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!”)

Wait for the :29 second mark — there it is!! The Megan Mullally Wipe!

4. Joe Isuzu

He got a sitcom gig from this, right?

5. Wilford Brimley (Quaker Oats)

Wilford Brimley is his own kind of fictional character.

6. Flo (Progressive)

I went to a Halloween where someone was dressed as Flo. It was a very good costume.

7. William Shatner (Priceline)

The best short jingle in recent years. “Price. Line. NegotiATor!”

8. “Where’s The Beef” Old Ladies (Wendy’s)

They’re still adorable. And I assume they’re all dead now>

9. Mikey (Life Cereal)

Mikey DID NOT DIE from eating Pop Rock and then drinking soda. He’s still alive today, and probably very, very rich.