Kmart Made A GIF-Themed Commercial And It Doesn’t Really Make Sense

For starters, GIFs don’t have sound…

Kmart, which has already caused a stir with one holiday commercial this year, is taking another stab at being hip by trying to coin the term “giffing out.”

A set of TV ads meant to highlight the retailer’s deals this weekend depict people as GIFs, cheering and cackling over the money they saved by shopping at Kmart — aka “giffing out.” The GIF people have failed to inspire, though, and have instead led to shopper gripes across Kmart’s community board, on its Facebook page, and on Twitter.

So. “Giffing out.” Probably not happening.

Warning: Watch at your peril.

John Henderson


Stop it, Kmart. Giffing out is not a thing. You just look ridiculous.

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Patrick Hess


The K-mart giffing out commercial doesn’t make sense. Gifs don’t have sound!!

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