10 Easy Steps You Should Follow To Confirm If A Famous Person Just Joined Twitter

Follow this handy guide before you ruin your Klout score.

Before you go and tell everyone you know that your favorite artist just joined your favorite social network, there are some things you need to do

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters / Reuters


2. Ask yourself, “Does the account exist already?”

A simple search will save you a lot of time from explaining why you thought it was real to your boss.

Chances are if it exists already, a new account claiming to be official isn’t official

3. Not being verified is also a red flag. While new celebrities that join Twitter aren’t always verified when the news breaks that they joined, Twitter is typically quick to get them that blue check mark

4. Let’s pretend it doesn’t exist! Next step: Check and see who it is following.

Celebrities don’t typically follow a lot of people

and if they do, this has happened over time and certainly didn’t happen within the first few hours of the account

Looking at WHO they follow is also a great place to check. If they only follow journalists it usually means they are just looking for pawns (you) to notice them and get the word out

5. Still want to believe its them? Check their official homepage and look at their list of social media accounts

6. If you find they already have Twitter and Facebook accounts setup, you can go a step further and see if they linked to any new accounts recently on those platforms

7. If you still aren’t convinced it’s them, reach out to their publicist seeking more information

This could also be step 1.

8. Finding someone “in the know” is also a great place to confirm information

Bush spokesman says @GeorgeHWBush is the real deal

— Ethan Klapper (@ethanklapper)

Ethan Klapper


Bush spokesman says @GeorgeHWBush is the real deal

/ Via

9. An official Twitter account related to the industry of the person is also a great place to check

Please welcome @NSYNC to Twitter! #HiHiHi

— Twitter Music (@TwitterMusic)

Twitter Music


Please welcome @NSYNC to Twitter! #HiHiHi

/ Via

Welcome to Twitter, @GeorgeHWBush, 41st President of the United States

— Twitter Government (@gov)

Twitter Government


Welcome to Twitter, @GeorgeHWBush, 41st President of the United States

/ Via

10. Did you finally confirm it’s them? Tweet your heart out and let the world know!

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