11 Pager Codes That You Need To Know

Just convinced your dad to get you a pager and not quite sure what to do with the 75 free pages a month that are included in your plan? You’ll need to learn these pager codes before your friends make fun of you for not knowing what they mean.

1. Hello: 07734

When those numbers are turned upside down, it spells hello. (So k0000l isn’t it?)

2. 143: I Love You

This one is easy. I (1) Love (4) You (3).

3. 121: I need to talk to you

When you need to take to your bestie one on one you let them know you need to talk one to one.

4. 1134 2 09: Go To Hell

Another one of those rlly cool flipperoos that you have to read upside down.

5. 607: I Miss You

Another one that I don’t get but trust me on this one.

6. 477: Best friends forever

Another one where you just add up the number of letters in each word. Best (4) Friends (7) Forever (7).

7. 911: Call me NOWWWW!!

This one is obvious.

8. 601: Happy Birthday

I don’t get this one but whatevz use it on b-days u know what to do.

9. 14: Hi

Another upside-downer.

10. 406: Hugs and Kisses


11. 30: This is getting old

If you get this one then you are really smart.

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